Metal Strings

Sometimes called “all metal,” a steel core cello string is comprised of either a straight or twisted wire, wound with metal. Besides being the most stable and durable of the cello strings, steel core strings offer stable pitch, and the highest volume.
Metal strings are often described as having a bright, loud sound. These strings generally have a steel core, which is often the most popular core material used in cello strings. For this reason, some popular brands such as Evah Pirazzi, which use a synthetic core for their violin and viola strings, switch to a steel core for their cello strings. Metal strings are wound with various metals such as silver, titanium or steel. All-metal strings often remain in tune better than other strings (the steel core isn’t as impacted by humidity and temperature as gut-core or synthetic-core strings).

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When I was four, we had to choose a musical instrument to play at school, and I chose the cello. I played until I was 18, and although I found it nerve-racking to play solo, I loved playing in an orchestra. When I left school I didn’t carry on with it, which I regret.

— Emilia Fox