Carbon Fiber Cello

Carbon Fiber Cellos come in the same measurements as the full size cello, but because of the carbon fiber production the cello lacks any cornices. Cornices are the indentations on the sides of the cello, used for support. The carbon fiber is more sturdy and therefore the cornices are not needed. This allows more room for sound, which makes carbon fiber cellos sounds much more rich. These are light weight and more strong than the normal ones, the carbon fiber cello is almost exclusively produced by the company Luis & Clark.

The advantages of a carbon fiber cello:
– complete insensitiviy to fluctuations in atmospheric conditions (such as in temperature and humidity).

– strength and stability

– visually stunning

– a full and pleasant sound, rich and warm with much ease of response

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Famous Quote

It is the closest instrument to the human voice, and the things you can do on the cello… there are endless possibilities.

— Stjepan Hauser